The quest for age-defying, healthy glowing skin is something that affects individuals of all ages and skin types. With a wealth of organic natural body care products in the market, there’s plenty to choose from.


But it takes a combination of great beauty products and self-care to achieve fashionably flawless skin. Which is why we’ve compiled five essential tips to help you beam with confidence.


From lifestyle factors to the best body butter UK, here’s five fabulous tips:


  1. Exfoliate

Most people know the benefits of exfoliating, but few understand how to do it correctly. Using an exfoliation brush or body scrub, make circular motions to help remove debris and dead-cells from your skin. Do this daily and you will start to notice results in no time. Your skin might be dry afterwards, so opt for a rich body butter cream to revive it. Make this your daily routine and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

  2. Get Steamy!

One of the best anti-aging skin care remedies for your face is to steam. If you’re a member of a gym, head to their steam room and sauna. Otherwise, a daily steam in the shower can work wonders, by opening up the pores. At the same time try gentle finger taps from the forehead down to your chin. This will improve circulation for an effortlessly glowy appearance.

 3. Get Body Buttering

Body butter cream is the Queen of all moisturising products, with nourishing qualities that penetrate deep. It’s important to invest in a premium product with a blend of natural ingredients, or those that are body butter organic.

Shea butter for skin is one of the key ingredients to look out for, along with; mango butter, organic virgin coconut oil and ingredients rich in Omega-6.  Butter Park’s Everyday Radiance is one of the latest body butters to launch, with an already cult-like following.

Frequent use of body butters can uplift skin tone and condition, as well as help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and scars. It has long been the go-to for dry skin treatment, making it an all-round winning choice for flawless skin.

 4. Eat Well

Our bodies glow from the inside out, so having a well-rounded diet is crucial for flawless skin.

Some of the best foods for dry skin include fatty fish such as salmon and mackerel, as well as plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. If you’re wondering how to regain elasticity in skin, look no further than avocados. Rich in healthy fats, studies have found that they can even contribute towards supple springy skin.

A popular choice is dark chocolate. Loaded with antioxidant properties, studies have found that it can improve skin texture and improve blood flow.

 5. Drink up

As a final thought, we can all benefit from drinking more water…. about eight glasses a day to be exact. If you’re suffering with dry lacklustre skin, then the natural source of water is one of the best reviving dry skin remedies.

In terms of herbal uplifts, opt for green tea. This is known to be rich in antioxidants, helping to guard your cells from damage, helping to contribute to that fashionably flawless glow.

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